Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Not a Hot Pink Girl

I definitely blew my wad at Axel. Niki and Lila Axel have always made trendy offerings that I like for mixin' and matchin'. They've definitely upped their game to a whole new level with some great new sets and rebuilt their store, which is simply stunning.

I had to show off the displays which are excellent on so many levels. I can see each piece on a model as well as just the item and what items come with each purchase. They've grouped everything by color scheme, which is perfect because I'm not a hot pink kind of girl, you know?

Axel - Main Store
Boots - KK Gogo Boots - Kakaue Designs (Kakaue Yoshikawa)
Necklace - Broken Long Strand Black Pearls - Caroline's Jewelry
Hair - Alicia - Truth
Skin - Curio - Petal Vixen Roxy2

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Lila Axel said...

<3 thanks so much for the review!