Sunday, August 31, 2008

Iz In DAHaus Jumpin' On Yer Bed

I was looking at Daedalus Brink's furniture at DAHaus and got invited to a party last night. While I was there I saw the most interesting avatar. She had a M*A*ii*K*I dress on with the best accessories I have ever seen...enter the Cyber Doll, Neko style. Using the inspect item on the edit menu I found the maker, Aoimizuno Meili. It's hard to get the names sometimes in that window, but I was fairly certain there was only going to be one Aoimizuno in the search. I can't remember the party-goer's name and I didn't get any photos because SL was being very mean to me...gah!

Logging out and logging back into Aoimizuno's region and finding her store, *LPP* "Le Petit Prince" I stood there in total amazement. There are so many insanely creative things I had to look at each and every item. Exquisite attention to detail, this prim-work blew my mind. I didn't even get to teleport to the skins since I was so enthralled with the main store. Typically I dress in SL much like I dress in RL, but every now and then I like to shake it up. Consider me shaken today!

Aoimizuno offers clothing, jewelry, accessories and body parts in Japanese, Steam Punk, and Cyber Doll styles. You really have to go see the rest of her offerings, like the Cyber peg leg and the bionic shoulder just to admire the wild ideas. You could either go all out with a costume or just wear one memorable signature piece. Considering the skill and craftsmanship that has gone into LPP's inventory, the pricing is very reasonable, my Doll Eye Patch at $L 160 for example.

I did make my way back to Daedalus' store all decked out in my sexy-cyberness to look around, take some pics, and jump on the beds. Dae tells me he likes the modern and retro combined...the sense of clean lines they share in common and the fact that it looks comfortable and believable. I agree, I really like the look and feel of his furniture and the ability to mix and match my selections. The perfect place to deck out your SL home.

Outfit and Accoutrements - *LPP* "Le Petit Prince"

Hair - BooN - HNB27

Skin - PXL -Chloe - SunKissed Natural Lips Glossy & Smoke Eyes - Soon to be Released

Location - DAHaus - Furniture and Accessories

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


"Ever heard Victoria's REAL secret? Too much support hurts."- R. Stevens

It's a great thing we don't need foundation wear with 87 hour support in world, that would be unsightly...although funny...okay now I'm imagining the photo oppty's! I digress. Of course I had to get the new Lucky Lingerie offered by Stiletto Moody knowing everything I purchase there pushes my happy buttons repeatedly. There's nothing better knowing what you have on underneath your date night clothes just in case. Not disappointed, I bought the entire set so I could mix and match to my hearts content. I haven't taken off the new Stiletto Moody Pinup Pythons, for a couple of days, excellent quality and so many options you can't go wrong with these humpable shoes.

Finally deciding on Dernier & Cri's new hair was a daunting task since Hair Fair has glutted my inventory with so many options, I have to say...these textures are rich and the Color Dye HUD is brilliant. Again, I get paralyzed with so many options I have to take notes, ha! I added the just released *EMJ* Heart Tag bracelet and earrings, with metal changing options...I LOVE that. Go figure that I've been spending most of my spare time making jewelry getting ready for The Jewelry Expo and I hardly wear a lot of it. This little set that comes with a necklace, choker, and anklet as well, looks like it will be a staple to put in the "Always On" folder even if Elexor said he was cutting my card when he found out I was a jeweler, ha!

Last but not least I am proudly wearing the not yet released Chloe skin from Hart Larsson over at PXL. I had a good talk with him now that he's back from vacation and I will say I'm so glad I stuck to my principles of hearing both sides of any controversy. I'm still flyin' the Hart flag for sure. You can read his statement here and make up your own mind. For me, I'm glad I didn't take the torches and pitchforks because they were free and just because everyone was doin' it. I always hope my friends would do the same for me.

Lingerie - Stiletto Moody - Lucky Lingerie

Shoes - Stiletto Moody - Pinup Python

Jewelry - *EMJ* - Multi-Metal Heart Tag Set

Hair - Dernier & Cri - Natasha (at Hair Fair now)

Skin - PXL -Chloe - SunKissed Natural Lips Glossy & Smoke Eyes - Soon to be Released

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Eat Your Heart Out Ladies...

You can't have me...because It's me, Shelby *grin*. Tommy Fairplay and Shylah Honey of DragonFly Outlet have done it again. I saw Tommy wearing his new skin and I was so impressed I donned my best male shape and got to snappin' pics. This adorable real life/second life team has everything you can think of over at their compound. They offer clothing, hair, shoes, jewelry, animations, poses, tattoos, and fairies!

While chatting about the new skin line, I learned that the faces are very detailed yet still have that edge to them and not overly done with a smoothness. They are more of a high fashion type of skin rather than rugged. Tommy says, "I concentrated this time on the face getting it to the right style I have been looking for, and I made several (holy cow, I only posted my faves!) different facial options for all the different preferences men may like or what their partners may like". Now that's some forward thinking! I wonder how many male skin purchases are driven by female suggestion...I know I've already dragged some of my friends over there to do some serious right-clicking.

I noticed the torso and the abs were so different than most male skins I've seen and Tommy said, " I just tried to make them look different from any other skin out there giving just as much detail to the body as I did the face. I spent many hours going pixel to pixel fixing imperfections that I thought would make it better, the main concept of this skin is to make sure they could be compared to no other and have a very original look". Ummm, I think mission accomplished on that objective, don't you? Okay, my personal favorite part..the LIPS...they are soooo...yummm.

Here's the low-down on what you'll get:

Each single pack comes with 4 skins: 2 bald 2 with hair on the head, they also have 2 different body hair options. They also come with a starter shape, eyebrow shape, eyes, and black nail polish, so its like buying a full avatar at one price! Men, that means you can afford to change your skins as often as we women change our boy-shorts.

4 packs: 1800
16 packs: 4899
40 packs: 14899
All 160 skins: 45899

I also heard that Shylah has some female skins she's working on too...I can't WAIT! So drag those epidurmically challenged men in your life to DFO and set them straight. If you're a man reading this blog you most likely have a high fashion IQ and won't be needing to book a female sherpa shopper. If in fact you ARE one of those men that needs assistance, send me an IM ;)

DragonFly Outlet

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Jewelry Expostion 2008 Updates

Hello everyone, here's a little inspiration for the Jewelry Expo 2008 Photo Contest by Terry Toland. She's definitely gone out of the box with her creativity. We're looking for all YOUR jewelicious talent posted on the stream!

To all you jewelers and accoutrement designers, we're putting together a list of those who are donating to the prize winnings with both cash and stash. Just IM or send a notecard to Shelby Ziskey in world, or send me an email to and I'll contact you. We'll periodically post the list on the blogs and all your names and businesses will be proudly displayed at the Expo. I think mayhaps we should have the winner shoot a pic wearing ALL the winnings.

Post your work at the Jewelry Exposition 2008 Official Photo Contest Here:

Monday, August 18, 2008

So Many Options, So Little Time

Doc Eldritch of DE Designs is another one of those long time residents that keeps churning out the quality content for the voracious shopper types like me. The sim is filled to overflowing with well made wearables. Pace yourself if you haven't been there.d

I appreciate the diversity of Doc's clothing so we can mix and match his hand-drawn goodness to our Barbie heart's content. I still wear things he made over two years ago which shows you the staying power he has in such a fickle industry.

This latest release, Onyx comes with 2 button down options, a vest, a jacket, and matching pants. So many options and so little time to wear them all. Priced at $L 395 you can easily buy the ensemble for yourself in world, or buy as a gift at SLExchange.

Ensemble - DE Designs - Onyx

- Tuli - Gunmetal Cross Necklace

- Redgrave - Black-Leather

Skin - Curio - Lumine Sienna

Hair - Damselfly - Payge

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jewelry Expostion 2008 Official Photo Contest!

To celebrate the preparation for the Jewelry Exposition 2008 we’re hosting a photo contest here! We want to see you wearing your jewels in all your glorious splendor. We’re looking for the jewelry to be prominent in the photo, and your talent and creativity in showcasing it.

There will be one Grand Prize Winner, one First Place Winner, two Second Place Winners, three Third Place Winners, and five Honorable Mentions. The winning works will be on display at the Jewelry Exposition for the duration of the event. The photos will be judged by the Jewelry Exposition 2008 committee. Prizes will be listed in a post to this group at a date yet to be determined.

1. In the description of your entry include:
Your Second Life avatar name:
Jewelry Item(s) and Store:
2. Post processing is allowed and encouraged.
3. Photos sized at 512 x 512 pixels.
4. Limit 10 original entries, the person posting the photo will be the entrant.
5. All photos must be entered by midnight SLT on September 28th.
6. Winners will be revealed at the Jewelry Exposition.

In joining this group, you agree to all the terms and conditions listed in the rules. The committee has picture veto power if the photo is inappropriate in any way. Jewelry Exposition 2008 has the right to reproduce, edit and use submitted images.

If you have any questions or would like a copy of these rules and regulations in-world, contact Shelby Ziskey.

Grab your friends and join here:

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Stuff Your Drawers

You can never have too many little black dresses and you can never have enough jeans. Zoe Llewelyn of Boneflower fame is definitely going to stuff your drawers. I never tire of the creativity of Second Life and these are the coolest jeans I have ever seen. Buying is peculiar on the grid, we all want unusual and unique, but would we really wear or buy some of the things offered? Are your purchase triggers the same in world as they are in RL? Looking at these, I would really like to order up the frayed black Tink jeans to wear every day.

Zoe will be offering 50+ designs sporting flames, flags, Tink, and miscellaneous that include Relay for Life, Fleur de Lys, Joker, Pirate...and PLAIN! I don't know what her pricing will be, but considering Zoe's track record they will be really reasonable. These are perfect for just grabbing when you have no idea what to wear or if you want to build an entire look around them. I'm not sure of the exact release date, so mayhaps you could sign of for the update group, Boneflower Designs. I always find the easiest way to find groups is to look up the designer, scroll down the group list and double click the group...and then beg for a Subscribe-o-matic.

Another little fashion fave of mine is the NanoGunk FIX Skin Color Pants & Sleeves. When you're wearing pants and tops without prims, your skin bleeds to the inside of the garment. This is a handy little fix that hides that unsightly skin. I'm sure there are others out there, but the Nano Gunk set is $L10 the last time I looked. I wish they were transfer so you could give them to your friends. Skin in the pants in SL is like a booger in the nose in RL. I'm just sayin'.

Jeans - Boneflower Designs - Coming Soon

- ShinyThings - Chunky Ribbon Boots

Skin - PXL -Linda - Fashion Eyes & Coffee Lips

FIX Skin Color - NanoGunk

Hair - Damselfly - Akili

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Ultimate Skin Wars v.3.7

I'm no expert on skinning that's for sure, I'm just learning Photoshop. While Mallory Cowen's presentation is compelling, I wanted to see for myself. Pictures are worth 1000 words and now I'd like to add a few words to my verbose picture and play devil's advocate.

Skinners who are inherently adept at Photoshop can spin anything the way they want to spin it. These two pictures of mine were taken at the same time in the same pose with the same lighting with no post processing. The base does look similar and Hart named his source in the IM exchange posted on Mallory's blog. Personal opinion here, chat logs can be changed and knowing LL's TOS doesn't reach blog postings, posting private instant messages is just bad form. The timing of the post seems hinky to me as well. Why didn't Mallory post it the day the Crys skins started showing up in the blogs instead of waiting until Hart went on vacation?

In looking at just the top half of these two skins side by side, I like the lighting, the shading, the make up, the lips, the nipples, and the lack of seams in the PXL skin much better. When I look at the Laqroki skin, I don't like the lips, the shading, the color and the smudged ring around the aureole of the nipples. These features are nothing like the PXL skin. Another thing I noticed about the Laqroki skin is that the faces are a different skin tone than the rest of the bodies...the face has a blue/pink undertone and the body has an olive/orange undertone. I would not purchase a Laqroki skin based on this alone. While everything is personal preference, I think the Laqroki skin is cute, but I feel it is sub-par work. I think the PXL skin is beautiful and to me it looks like a true artist put it together. I don't know, if I didn't know any back story and seeing these skins side by side, I might think the Laqroki skin was the below standard copy.

I've been wearing PXL skins since before the last skin show-down between Minnu and Hart and it turned out they showed each other their sources and there was no further debate. If the Linda and the Crys skins were in violation of the DMCA, why are these skins still available?

I'm going to wait until the fat lady sings on this one...there is always two sides of the story. If it does turn out that the charges are true I'll be looking for a new skinner. Until then I am going to wear my PXL skins, I look beautiful in them.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


There's a fun store I want to share with you owned by the charming Tatiana Faulkes called Fab.Pony. I showed up there yesterday and found out that Tatiana has 10 years of RL design that she brought into SL last November. She is offering everything but hair, she said she has to have something to buy. The girl's a house-a-fire of productivity.

Tatiana says this first dress is her current favorite because it's girly, great for cleavage and doesn't make you look preggers! Tatiana said she is always in game and she does custom fittings for her refreshing is that?!

It was so hard to choose from the outfits and the mix and match. I could not resist the Boyfriend Skinny Jeans and I paired them with the top from the Sexeh Dress and added the Maitreya pumps. There was a pair of Glam Metallic Leggings that didn't make it into this post that I really liked as well...they come with an illuminator and bling...super cute and they lit my face from underneath.

I wanted to pull Damselfly's new hair in this post, Shylah Honey has released some excellent new hair designs the past couple weeks that are hovering in the top 5 spots in my hair folder. I am so loving this look and resisting the urge to buy some hot rollers.

The Panther Babydoll caught my eye first and it's fresh and easy to wear. Tatiana was right, I look far from preggers in this outfit.

The Fab.Pony store is soooo cute and laid out very well. Skins and a gallery upstairs and clothes, shoes, and accessories downstairs. For being here for nine months or so, the show pony of Fab.Pony is an astute study of content creation in SL.

First Outfit:

- Fab.Pony - Tie Dye Sundress

Shoes - Stiletto Moody - Pinup Pumps

Bangles - Frangipani Designs - Mystic Beaded Necklace and Bracelet

Skin - PXL -Linda - Fashion Eyes & Coffee Lips

Hair - Damselfly - Chantyl

Second Outfit:

Jeans - Fab.Pony - Boyfriend Skinny Jean

Top - Fab.Pony - Sexeh Dress

Shoes - Maitreya - Slinky Stilettos

Hair - Damselfly - Bijoux

Skin - PXL -Linda - Fashion Eyes & Coffee Lips

Third Outfit:

Dress - Fab.Pony - Panther Babydoll

Shoes - Periquita - Funny Girl Flats

Necklace, Earrings, & Bracelet - Earthtones - The New Grazia Set

Skin - PXL -Linda - Fashion Eyes & Coffee Lips

Hair - Damselfly - Taliyah

Thursday, August 7, 2008

The Trolls are Talking

No, I didn't wear the same thing today because I was out all night partying! I wore the same thing today for two reasons, the first being that I don't want to take this Haute Style & Co. dress off and second because I was out all night...waiting for the Stiletto Moody store to open. I went to bed considerably early compared to all those East Coast combat shoppers. It was pleasant enough to walk in there today and leisurely pick up my coveted new shoes and boots. I heard we have to wait until tomorrow for the lingerie and the group bracelet. Speaking of bracelets, I keep reaching for the new Shiny Things Ruma set. Coming in both gold and silver they go with anything. The art and talent in Fallingwater's work makes me fan myself. Okay, the squid hat she gave me doesn't quite do that, but you know what I'm talking about.

Back to HSC. Typically these mini dresses don't fit well and I'm constantly adjusting the prim attachment and the tinting so it doesn't look like I have a radioactive netherland issue, but I haven't had to do this with the Grandma's Curtains dress. If Grandma knew how hot I looked in her curtains I wouldn't have made it out of the house wearing something like this made out of them. The bodice looks fantastic with the shirring and little bits of lace demurely peeking through. I don't know if women dress for men or other women, it's hard to tell wearing this. I've had compliments from both camps today...even the trolls were talking.

And the shoooooes! I seriously considered plunking down L$ 4,999 or some crazy price for all 12 colors of these Pinup Pumps with gold and/or silver chains, AO walk, bling or no bling, sound or no sound and multiple sizes. I opted for my typical neutral colors but I'm sure if I have a photo shoot that is in dire need of some off-beat color I won't bat an eye at paying for another pair. Good lawd, how much do you spend on just the right picture? *covers her eyes*

Dress - Haute Style & Co. - Grandma's Curtains

Shoes - Stiletto Moody - Pinup Pumps

Bangles - Shiny Things - Ruma

Skin - PXL -Crys SunKissed Fashion Eyes & Natural Lips

Hair - Aden - Annyka

Eyes - Miriel - Eyes - Sepia (Big)

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Membership DOES Have Priveledges

Sometimes in managing my measly 25 groups I feel like I'm playing a game of chance. There are some groups you simply can not sacrifice and Stiletto Moody is definitely a keeper.

There is newness coming today at 5:00 this afternoon over at Stiletto Moody shoes. Not only shoes, but lingerie! The sim is closed right now and will open at 5:00 for group members who will be treated to a 40% off sale of previous season stock. You had to have joined the group before today and I'm not sure when the non-members will be able to get into the store for the new releases.

During the sale, wear your group tag, buy the item and you will receive an immediate 40% refund. Another thing I learned during the last stampede, there is a kiosk near the door that will re-send your purchase if it doesn't make it into your inventory immediately. Brilliant.

Stiletto says, "Stiletto Moody Generation 2 (SMG2) is not just a new season, it's an evolution". Here's what we can look forward to in the Fall '08 release:

Introducing a knee-high boot in patent leather and crocodile, with full ranges of both and colour-changing packs. Possibly my most requested item. It’s a boot of the moment with lots of yummy fall browns and large colour range to make it an all-year-round boot. This classic has a ‘Vargas-girl’ inspired shape, with a towering straight-drop heel. You will discover SMG2 features by playing with the menu – Hint - removable accessories, changing stirrup-chain colours.

The Pinup is a sexy “high-toe” pump with hidden platform and beautiful deeeep curve heel. The cute little stirrup-maryjane-chain is going to make you me. Sensual, elegant, powerful - the cleanest shoe in the range in a whole range of patent colours and colour changing all-in-one set.

Drop-dead-sexy pointed strappy heels. Some say until you’ve had a pair of “Fxxx-me red shoes” you haven’t really ‘worn’ high-heels. We call them Lipstick-Red but I think they deliver - wink. Juxtapose elegance with danger by just removing the heel cup chain or toe strap.

It doesn’t end there. SMG2 is a many weeks launch, with cute little additions tottering out continually to surprise and delight we hope. I’m not going to reveal all but look out for our PYTHON PATENT PINUPS coming next with a brilliant “redstripe” patent. We are creating a whole new generation of exquisite, cutting edge and dramatic Stiletto Moody fashion. I hope we hit the mark.

Let's synchronize our watches and I'll see you at 5:00 tonight at Stiletto Moody Shoes!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Marvelous Malcontent

Our dear, sweet Kit. Who would have thought she had THIS in her design repertoire?! I am a fan of CKS Design for sure, but Domina is my favorite so far. Attention to detail and quite a few options, this outfit is visionary for sure. I'm hoping Kit will add a new department to her store for more of this malcontent-wear that makes misbehaving oh so fashionable. Available late tonight, or early tomorrow, you'll have to add this to your HOT folder in your inventory. You do have folders, right?

The beauty of Second Life is being experimental on so many levels. I'd bore myself into a lather if I wore in SL what I wear in RL every day. Check out the sexy back of this set! The booty shorts blend perfect without compromising the design integrity of the piece. There are nipple and non-nipple version, of course I chose the high-beams. Miss Maitland, you've outdone yourself this week, bravo!

Outfit - CKS Designs - Domina

Shoes - Redgrave - Black Leather Boots

Stockings - Sheer - Black Fishnets

Earrings - Shiny Things - Pyra

Sunglasses - Role Optic - SG-60 Princess

Skin - PXL -Crys SunKissed Smoke Eyes & Ice Lips

Hair - Shop Seu - Pompadour

Eyes - Miriel - Eyes - Sepia (Big)

I Want Your Pants!


Pants - Boneflower -

Blouse - BareRose Tokyo - From the Kala Outfit

Shoes - ::69:: - Succubus Pumps

Stockings - Sheer - Black Fishnets

Pendant - * Dirty Ego * - Available Soon

Skin - PXL - Dark Eyes & Coffee Lips

Hair - Damselfly - Amaleen

Eyes - Miriel - Eyes - Sepia (Big)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Are You Hot Enough Challenge

This is so hot I had to tell ya'll about it. Lexi Morgan definitely keeps her eye on the prize. She is a virtual machine pumping out new content constantly. I amble over to Stellar Designs when I'm feeling a little feisty and her latest release, Soaking Wet filled my feistyosity for sure. This smexy number comes in a few colors and Lexi says, "normally the tanning oil is worn underneath the clothing layer, but in this case if you would like an extra slick look in your clothes, wear a layer of tanning oil under your clothes layer and over your clothes layer".

I've noticed that photo contests are all the rage lately, and Lexi is offering the goods with the "Are You Hot Enough" ongoing challenge. Take a picture of at least one Stellar Designs offerings, clothes, skins, shoes, jewelry, etc., submit it to the Stellar Designs Flickr Pool, and join the Stellar Designs group in world so Lexi can hunt you down and shower you with prizes. Be sure to check the rules for all the particulars.

Dress - Stellar Designs - Soaking Wet

Bangles - Shiny Things - Ruma Bangles

Skin - PXL - Dark Eyes & Coffee Lips

Hair - Damselfly - Amaleen

Eyes - Miriel - Eyes - Sepia (Big)

Lashes - Cake - Bedroom Lashes