Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sweater-y Goodness

Oooooh, soft sweater-ness. Being such a tactile person the fabrics of the impending cold weather just sennnd me. I know, it's the small things, right? Kit Maitland of CKSD has just released THE Essential Sweater Dress in 21 colors, of which I am sporting in "Toast". There's a gorgeous Teal color for her update group you don't want to miss out on either. It's amazing how sexy you can look being completely covered up!

This dress being perfect for scarves and coats and all around everything in your accessory folder, I reached for NovaStar Shilova's Dark Brown Leather Belt from Nova. Mesh designs in gold or silver metal on the jacket or pants layers. Perfect. I found ALL sorts of great things over there at Nova...cute sweaters, basic pieces, I had a good time throwing $Lindens around in there.

Sweater Dress - CKSD- Essential Sweater Dress

Boots - Redgrave- Smokey Brown Boots

Belt - Nova - Dark Brown Leather Belt

Tights - G.L.A.M - Tintable Metallic Lycra Tights - No Longer Available

Hair -Refuge - Beth

Skin - PXL - Chloe SunKissed Natural Lips Glossy Smoke Eyes - Available Soon!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


One of my mantras is 'new day, new hair' and when I saw Kumii Yoshikawa's newness I was thrilled! I have a lot of hair just for modeling, like Damselfly's Akili. Kumii's Model Hair 1 & 2 is so perfect for amazing pics. The shading and the blur is very realistic and saves some time all cramped up in Photoshop. She has included poses to go with the Model hair and they are soooo much fun! I'm conviced though about the 'lucky' chairs never coming up with the letter S...I stood there and IM'd for a reeeeally long time and pouted when I saw all the X's and the B's run off with the cute Butterfly Hair Kumii has up right now.

Now that Fall is officially here I'm dragging out the cozy stuff even though we live on a beach and I'm usually running around in a bikini top and cutoffs. Iki Ikarus of Dutch Touch fame has graced us with some cold weather fare called LoNDOn that is still sexy and looks great with Fallingwater Cellardoor's Stripe Knit Thigh Highs and Chunky Ribbon Boots. I love the detail and layer options in all Iki's work. Honestly, if there were a company I'd like to see go real life ready-to-wear it would be Dutch Touch.

We shot these pics at the beautiful sim, Lostaria. You'll find hidden, romantic spots all over the place with photos in mind. I saw some 7 Seas fishing in the river which I'm looking forward to. The whole place is set up to relax and enjoy your sweetheart and friends. Be sure to throw some tip-love in the jars set about, we want to see talented creators like this keep developing these getaways for us!

Outfit - Dutch Touch - LoNDOn

Boots & Socks - Shiny Things- Chunky Ribbon Boots & Stripe Knit Thigh Highs

Earrings - *EMJ* - Multi-Metal Hoops - Custom

Necklace -Miriel Everyday - Classic Necklace - Silver/Malachite

Hair -::69:: - Model 2 & Still

Skin - PXL - Chloe SunKissed Natural Lips Glossy Smoke Eyes - Available Soon!

Location - Lostaria

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Money Shot

A couple weeks ago I was at DeLa's buying shoes. In front of the shoe display was a pose ball, that I promptly clicked on. Sooooo perfect for taking shoe pics, I IM'd Kuranosuke Kamachi to ask (beg) if she sold that pose. She told me she was working on some poses and she'd let me know as soon as they were available. Welllll, I had no idea she was making hunnerds of poses!

How many little black dresses, hairs, shoes, poses can a girl have? How different can one pose be from another? VERY different I found out! The hands, the angle of the head, unusual placement of all extremities kept me scrolling through each pose and animation with anticipation. When I'm snapping pics, I always know when I get the "money shot". I have to say, with each of Kuranosuke's poses, there are a few money shots with each pose depending on your camera angle. It was easy to burn a couple hours playing with them.

Not only poses, Kuranosuke has some amazing animations too. Reeeally cute sits and a few gems to load into your Huddles. There is a little model-spin animation called Brava that I am so tempted into loading into my AO...just for a day or so.

Dress - M * A * ii * K * I - Strapless & Patent Scarlet Red

Shoes & Poses - DeLa* - Stella Pumps

Bracelet - *EMJ* - Elegance Simple Bangles

Ring - *EMJ* - Shelby's Engagement Ring Multi-Metal/Gem Exclusive

Hair - Truth - Trisha in Java

Skin - PXL - Crys Fashion Eyes & Natural Lips

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Like I mentioned a couple days ago, Simone Stern of Simone! and Style Starts Here has been in a production frenzy of late. I couldn't wait to see what else she was coming up with for my favorite season of the year, so I covertly found my way into her studio and found this AMAZING sweater she was working on. I think my very first faux-fur trimmed dress was from Simone! and I absolutely love the look especially when it's well done...check out this detail pic:

I could see some drawings for a little dress to go with it, but I'm thrilled with this little shrug that I managed to snag. In all seriousness, when I did talk with Simone to tell her I wanted to share this little sweater with the blogosphere, she said she was thinking something the lines of "tea at Harrod's" as far as the accompanying dress and I immediately thought of Audrey Hepburn. Keep your eyes open for this versatile little release which will most likely be available at the Simone! store soon.

Little Black Sweater - Simone! - The Yet-to-be-Released Little Black Sweater

Pants - Frangipani Designs - Belted Wool Trouser

Shoes - DeLa* - Stella Pumps

Bracelet & Earrings - *EMJ* - Gunmetal Moon of Jupiter Pearl Set - Soon to be Released

Hair - ETD - Sofia

Skin - PXL -Chloe - SunKissed Natural Lips Glossy & Smoke Eyes - Soon to be Released

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Style Starts Here

Fall is my favorite season, the clothes, the food, the smells, the weather, everything. I still get the urge to go school shopping to hunt for the best sweaters ever. Simone just released the yummiest Black Cable Sweater that I simply had to have from her Style Starts Here line. Well known for her beautiful gowns, I am really enjoying this casual line from Simone. Scamper over there, she has a boat-load of newness this week.

I married my sweater with Nessinger Loveless' Betty Skirt from T..a..R..t. This is another little black dress you can't live without, I mix and match this miniskirt often. It's hard to see the detail on the skirt, trust me, it's pure class. There is a big sale going on over there, you won't be disappointed in all the sexyness to choose from! I am also wearing Kaysha Sion's fishnets from Wrong that came with an outfit I've had for over two years and are still the best I've found on the grid...unfortunately they are no longer available. A close second for fishnets is a pair that comes with Redgrave's Brown Glitter Clubbing Dress...and they are tintable! Stiletto Moody's Black Croc Tall Boots matched perfectly, the hue of the blacks in both the sweater and the boots as well as the patterns just pulled this hot little outfit together!

We had a great time taking these pictures at Dolphin Designs by Jordy Ishnoo. These are some of the best prefabs I've seen lately. I looked at every build only to be surprised at each turn with all sorts of fresh idea features. He has mastered Second Life lighting and that's evident throughout his creations. Jordy has filled each home with smashing sculpty furniture that can be purchased with our without his homes. The shadowing is unique and showcases his texturing beautifully. I have sculpt talent envy...I WILL master Shown is the Hawk's Nest, please check out all the builds, you won't be disappointed. To visit Jordy's sim, click the pic!

Sweater - Style Starts Here - Black Cable Sweater

Miniskirt - T..a..R..t - Betty

Earrings - Shiny Things - Ruma Earrings

Hair - Dernier Cri - Natasha

Skin - PXL -Chloe - SunKissed Natural Lips Glossy & Smoke Eyes - Soon to be Released

Location - Dolphin Designs - Prefab & Custom Architecture, Furniture, All Around Coolness

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Do Not Try This at Home

Please leave the shapemaking to the professionals...and just be mentally prepared when you try on the demos. Okay, I confess. I've had the same shape for some two and a half years with some minor tweaking here at there and don't really give shapes much thought. I was having a looksy at Foxy Innis' shiny new store, Foxy Curves and thought I'd try on a demo.

I almost had a heart attack, I thought something was drastically wrong with my over-taxed graphics card when I saw my avatar rez the demo. I snapped a pic and sent it to a friend of mine in a total panic. "Something is REALLY wrong with Foxy's stuff!" He said, "well, legs are legs. Hands are hands. You really buy the shape for the face and bewbs, I would imagine. Its a way for you to see how it looks without getting the actual item. Obviously still in shock and not wholly grasping the concept I said, "good thing she's not making penors".

Okay, nowwww I get it, and yes Foxy's shapes are beautiful. Each face is very distinct in its own style as well as the rest of the shape. I think this is a fabulous idea for modeling, more focus on the things being modeled and less on the identity of the model. This is Model Pose 009 and I'm wearing the "Ella" shape. There are two types of shapes, one is Copy-Mod-No Transfer for $L750 and the other is Copy-No Mod-No Transfer, this version comes with a dress shape so you can still look sexy in skirts which is L$400. Clear as mud? IM me, I am an expert on shapes now!

Foxy also has poses! I am a posefiend and was thrilled to find this new, fresh stash...for the amazing price of $L50. While I was there one of the pose vedors was not working, but at $L50 each I took the chance and bought them all! If you need a new look, or know someone that does go on a spree at Foxy Curves on the beautiful Southern Paradise sim. If you reeeeallly want to have some fun, don't tell your friends what happens when they try on a demo ;) Click the pic below to visit.