Sunday, December 28, 2008

What's in Shelby's Bag?

I just got a new bag for Christmas, so I didn't have any wrappers, receipts, or lint...I left all that in my plate at Blue C Sushi because I couldn't wait to get home to transfer everything. Iris over at SCD had a fun idea, so I thought I'd chime in. I've discovered I have a Burt's Bees fetish...actually a lip product fixation.

- Kate Spade wallet - it's lime green on the inside and still full of Christmas money

- Creme deMenthe Altoids - my daughter used to call them Alfatoids when she was that's what our entire family still calls them to this day

- Watermelon Orbit gum

- OmniPod PDA case - that tells my bionic pancreas what to do

- Wet n Wild file - got that at the women's expo

- LV zippered pouch - from my old bucket bag but perfect for receipts, medical cards, Aveda card, AAA card, insurance cards...

- Cell Phone - that is for me to text and call out on but not answer ;)

- Pen - from the Bone and Joint clinic when my youngest broke his wrist

- Burt's Bees - LOL Watermelon lip shimmer, replenishing balm, honey lip balm, and regular beeswax lip balm

- Bobbi Brown make up bag

- Benefit De Groovie lip stuff

- Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss

- Eyeglass tool

- Bobbi Brown mirror

- Hand Lotion - in the form of a bar of soap I got at the fair

- Bobbi Brown pencil sharpener for my lip liners that are in the bathroom

- 3 barrettes

- Bobby pin

- 2 safety pins

- $2 Peso coin

- Dental toothpick thingies

- Glasses - the case is in the car

- His and Her car keys

- Inquisitive dog - when I grab my purse she thinks it's GO time

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Many of our beloved designers are beyond generous with their group members and Hart Larsson of PXL Creations is definitely at the top of my list in my Second Life. This Frozen version of the Linda skin inspired me to get artsy while being snowed in tonight.

To get your own Frozen gift, make sure you join PXL Creations and post a favorites pic in your profile for the ability to get this at Hart's store. They won't last long, but it may take 48 hours for the server to recognize the add in your profile. Also, stay tuned for more skins coming up... I saw the new male skins...and...O.M.G...the man is seriously talented.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Serenade, Moonshine Style...

Everyone loves the Black Swan events for all sorts of reasons. The stunning artwork that we get to wear as clothing is one of the things that makes SL exciting. I have quite a few pieces from previous events, but I don't wear them often. I'm sure there are people that wander aimlessly in formal gowns most of the time in world, but for me personally that's overkill.

This little number I'm wearing I will be wearing again...heck, I may wander aimlessly in it for days. It's called Serenade, by Shelly Toonie of Moonshine Designs. It features a velvet overskirt edged with ruffles and lace with black lacy petticoats peeking out underneath. Topped with a black satin camisole adorned with lace and pearl buttons, and finished with black velvet gloves with lace trim and a velvet scarf edged with fringe. This assemblage comes with two skirt versions -- long and flowing or short and sassy -- and in two colors of overskirt -- icy blue or pale gold -- with GOBS of attachment points!

Don't wait until the last hour of the last day like I do, go check out what these talented designers have in store for you here before January 9th.

Skin - PXL - Linda G2, Light Tan, Hearty Makeup - Soon to be Released!

Hair - Zero Style - Pompadour

Monday, December 15, 2008

No More Cankles!

I am so READY for no more cankles!

This just in from the Stiletto group notice and the press reception invitation:

Stiletto Moody BARE © Is more than just a new season, its an evolution of shoe design in Second Life. The fully sculpted foot-in-a-shoe eliminates the need to suffer the “… Flintstone foot, that ungainly lump at the end of my avatar’s leg,” as Stiletto Moody puts it.

Here's the schedule:

Monday 15, December – Midnight slt – SIM closes for inventory setup
Tuesday 16 December - 4pm slt - Press Preview ( by invite)
Tuesday 16 December – 5pm slt – Members only launch & sale

I'll be there early for the reception with my camera!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Woman of Intrigue

As soon as I saw Zerlinda Boucher's new hair called Anika, this entire outfit just blazed through my mind. Zerlinda has opened up shop over at PXL Creations, and has quite a collection going so far. Very good texture work and now this sexy woman of intrigue hat that is scripted. Zerlinda has quite a few styles and I will say, I really like the ones with bangs on my avatar. She's just getting started and I'm looking forward to seeing what else she comes up with!

I'm wearing Artilleri's Kat's Meow coat for the cold weather, another classic wardrobe item I would NEVER part with. Sheer's black fishnet stockings and gloves sass this outfit up a bit. Redgrave's Black Leather boots, again another classic must-have. I'm all ready for some up-town shopping, or a part in the next Get Smart movie.

Coat - Artilleri - Kat's Meow

Stockings & Gloves - Sheer - Black Fishnet Set

Boots - Redgrave - Black Leather Boots

Hair - Zerlinda's - Anika

Skin - PXL - Chloe SunKissed - Natural Lips Glossy - Smoke Eyes