Saturday, May 30, 2009


Darmin Darkes and BaileyMarie Princess have come up with the naughtiest, most fun pull-down skirt ever. They're a team that owns DP Fashions, soon to be re-branded to Seriously!. I've had some scripted clothing before, but soooo much thought and planning has gone into this skirt set. It can be worn plain like this with lace color change options with your heinny hangin' out. Available in many different styles and colors, the texture work is very well done.

Or it can be worn with or without these tintable handprints available on each layer because the skirt is all primwork. The script allows you to decide who can pull your skirt to your knees, or no one, or EVERYone. There is another feature that allows you to show off by seductively spanking yourself with the skirt up or get the idea below.

The set comes with a copy/transfer spanking HUD so you can share the fun. PSA here, please don't be one of those annoying tools that spanks every damn person in the place, okay? In fact, you should only spank one or two people a day...anything more than that is just douchetastic.

Speaking of prim work, the skirt also has a scripted option to show toys. The teddy bear's eyes blink which is so adorable. There's a Sharpie and an old skool Nintendo you can use for those boring conversations. Yeah, you know what I mean.

I was so thrilled to see Cynthia Ultsch of CnS Poses fame open a clothing store, Cynful. These camisoles come with SO many options and are already a classic staple in my faves file. Her designs are edgy and naughty, you HAVE to go check out her Body Tanks. Again with so many options and available in yummy flavors, sheer and opaque.

I'm really digging Naith Smit Designs Rock'n'Rolla jewelry, it lends itself well to the finishing touches of certain outfits. He's put such attention to detail and I really appreciate the resize scripts in the jewelry. Indulgent yet classic, I can't wait for new releases.

In my tounge-in-cheek mantra, New Day New Hair, Momo Foulon of Tekuteku has set me up for a week! I'm wearing my new favorite hair, Naughty. Loose and messy, I can dress it up or dress it down. Again, the resize scipts are genius, the hair textures don't distort or repeat in changing the size.

Skirt - Seriously! - Plaid & Lace Pull-Down Skirt
Cami - Cynful - Neckholder - Black Sheer /Optional Black lace
Jewelry - Naith Smit Designs - Hand Rosary, Rock'n'Rolla Crown Necklace, Rock'n'Rolla Bangle Set, Black Luck Ring
Hair - Tekuteku - Naughty, Dark Brown
Skin - Curio - Sundust [Dark] Vixen-Merlot 1

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Pay said...

I'm at Seriously and not only do they have skirts in cotton, leather, plaid and latex, there's some other great choices in clothing, too! Great find!